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The <blink> element is deprecated and must not be used.

Why it matters

Text that blinks (alternates between visible and invisible states) can be distracting, especially for people with cognitive disabilities. Blinking text can be difficult to read, especially for people with low vision or reading disabilities. And a blinking UI control can be difficult to activate, especially for people with limited dexterity.

How to fix

  1. Remove <blink> elements.
  2. Consider using <strong> or <em> elements to emphasize important text.




This paragraph contains a <blink> element. Its text content alternates between visibility and invisibility. Some users will find it distracting or difficult to read.
<p>This item is <blink>New!</blink></p>


The <blink> element has been replaced by a <strong> element. Browsers and assistive technologies can communicate to users that the content is important.
<p>This item is <strong>New!</strong></p>

About this rule

This rule passes if:

  • No <blink> element is visible

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