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The <marquee> element is deprecated and must not be used.

Why it matters

A <marquee> element is used to display text that moves horizontally or vertically across the screen.

Moving text can be distracting, especially for people with attention deficits or cognitive disabilities. Moving text also can be difficult to read, especially for people with low vision or reading disabilities. And a UI control that moves can be difficult to activate, especially for people with limited dexterity.

How to fix

  1. Remove <marquee> elements.
  2. Avoid coding text to move across the screen.




An important date is displayed in a <marquee> element that moves across the top of this web page. The moving text is distracting and difficult to read.

<marquee>Last day to order is tomorrow!</marquee>


The <marquee> element has been swapped for a static element. Styling (not shown) makes the text visually prominent.

<p>Last day to order is tomorrow!</p>

About this rule

This rule passes if:

  • No <marquee> element is visible

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