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What's Accessibility Insights for Windows?

Accessibility Insights for Windows helps developers find and fix accessibility issues in Windows apps. The tool supports three primary scenarios:

  • Live Inspect allows developers to verify that an element in an app has the right UI Automation properties simply by hovering over the element or setting keyboard focus on it.
    • Elements are displayed in the UIA Tree.
    • Choose your view of the properties: properties relevant to the control type, all properties that have values, or custom.
  • FastPass is a lightweight, two-step process that helps developers identify common, high-impact accessibility issues in less than five minutes.
    • Automated checks - the tool automatically checks for compliance with more than 60 accessibility requirements.
    • Tab stops test - the tool provides clear instructions and a visual helper that makes it easy to identify critical accessibility issues related to keyboard access, such as missing tab stops, keyboard traps, and incorrect tab order.
  • Troubleshooting allows you to diagnose and fix specific accessibility issues:
    • View the patterns supported by a control and invoke the associated UI methods to see whether an element responds correctly to user input.
    • Record application events to verify that your app is generating the expected events.
    • Use the built-in contrast checker to identify contrast issues and select colors that provide sufficient contrast.

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